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Why The Immune System Needs Elderberry

Do you feel:

  • Inflammation?
  • Shaky, agitated, have tremors?
  • Suffering from flu and cold-like symptoms?
  • Abdominal swelling?
  • Immune problems?

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then why not try some elderberries for your immune system.

With the full swing of the cold and flu season and the holiday season, the bodys immune system could use a little bit of extra support this time of the year. Back in the 17th century, elderberries have been used in traditional folk medicine to help the body give an added boost of immunity. Hippocrates has called this berry and its tree his medicine chest,” due to its health-promoting properties for the body. Now with modern research, the elderberry has properties that are a great addition to the immune system against the cold and flu season.


Like all the other berries, elderberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, and their ORAC (oxygen radical absorbing capacity) score is higher than cranberries and blueberries since these two berries have the same ORAC score, which is relatively high. Elderberries have a dark purple-black color on them. They have anthocyanin and quercetin compounds that are found in other boldly colored berries and fruits. Not only that, these berries are excellent in pies and jellies to be enjoyed.


Besides its antioxidant benefits that it provides, the elderberry has been known to be a powerful force when it is facing various strains of influenza and bacterial infections that are harmful to the body. Studies found out that in a double-blinded RCT (randomized controlled trial), the elderberry extract has immune-modulating properties for healthy people while playing the role of boosting the immune system. Surprisingly elderberry extract is effective against ten different strains and can destroy flu-like symptoms.

The same study also showed that elderberry extract could increase the production of inflammatory cytokines between 2 to 45 folds. Compared to LPS (lipopolysaccharide) is known as a monocyte activator that can ramp up any of these free tools by 3 to 10 folds in the immune system. The researchers have concluded that with the addition to its antiviral properties, elderberry extract can activate healthy immune systems in the body by increasing the production of inflammatory cytokines. With many other studies supporting elderberry’s effects against many flu strains and illnesses, elderberry in a syrup form can help relieve flu-like symptoms less than four days.

Elderberry Properties

In another study, it showed individuals that were given elderberry extract, experienced a faster resolution they have been experiencing from fever and many other flu-like symptoms. With the elderberry group, about 93% of individuals have shown entirely of an improvement in fever-like symptoms in just two days than the individuals who were in the placebo group. Even though the results have different days, elderberry can be beneficial for anyone who needs to be in their tip-top shape as well as feeling better faster. These include:

  • Doctors
  • Emergency responders
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Law Enforcement

Surprisingly studies also suggest that elderberry can be potent when it is consumed and be useful when the symptoms make their first appearance in the body. What is impressive about elderberries is that they are not only effective at fighting the flu, but these powerful berries are packed with an antimicrobial punch as well. Research shows that elderberries are effective against certain bacterial strains from harming not only the body but also the immune system as well. With elderberry extract, it can go to a concentration level at 10% is added to bacterial strains and decreasing their growth by over 70%.

As if these powerful berries could not get any better, elderberries have been in the spotlight for fighting off winter illnesses. Nutritionally speaking, these berries are making a comeback in the nutrition department. Studies show that elderberries are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body. About one cup of elderberries has about 27 grams of carbohydrates with only 10 grams of fiber; these berries are an excellent choice for anyone that is watching their carbohydrate intake but still want to enjoy some fruit, then elderberry is for them.


Elderberries are the super antioxidant berries that can help dampen the effects of inflammation in the immune system. These berries can help the body from alleviating symptoms from the cold or flu, while also dampening the bacterial strains that the body may encounter. By adding these berries into pies and jams, a person can get the full benefits from the super berry, while also lessening the chances to get sick during the colder seasons where cold and flu season starts. Some products work well with elderberry by providing support to the gastrointestinal system and designed for more excellent stability for the body.

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