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Personal Injury Doctor

A personal injury doctor or chiropractor is an effective, alternative treatment option for various injuries surrounding the spine. When an individual has suffered an injury due to an auto accident, work accident, or home accident, a personal injury doctor can positively influence the proper progress of their rehabilitation, helping the individual obtain the fair compensation they need and deserve for their injuries. An experienced and well-trained personal injury doctor can provide quality treatment and support patients throughout their injury claim procedures.

Personal Injury Doctor

After suffering an injury, receiving chiropractic care from a personal injury doctor can be a lifesaver because the chiropractor has experience with an automobile accident and personal injury claims. Also important is the personal injury chiropractor has attended post-graduate training in accident injury evaluation and treatment, which can guarantee a more effective diagnosis and care. A bonus is that the chiropractor can do depositions and testify in court.

Multiple Attorney Affiliation

A personal injury doctor works closely with multiple attorneys. The best chiropractors maintain a list of attorneys they know can deliver quality results to their patients in a car accident and personal injury cases. A doctor with connections with more than one attorney offers a wide variety of experienced personal injury claim professionals to choose from, who can better accommodate you to solve your specific case after an accident.

Proper Medical Protocols and Care

A personal injury doctor follows a specific protocol for cases involving car accident claims, mainly involving detailed intake information on the mechanism of injury, biomechanics, and past medical history.

A chiropractor who provides a multipage auto accident injury questionnaire filled with meaningful questions is best in that they provide the most appropriate and most detailed information regarding your situation to follow through with proper treatment. A detailed intake examination can often be a bit time-consuming. Still, a chiropractor who does this displays a positive interest in your case, ensuring that they take the time to know what happened to you and how it directly affected you.

car accident specialist in el paso tx.

Chiropractors & Other Services

After diagnosis from a chiropractor, X-rays are taken for patients who need these services to top diagnostic imaging clinics with well-trained radiologists who understand personal and work injuries.

And personal injury doctors work with other specialists to provide a full range of treatments to speed up your recovery process.


Treatment Plans

A personal injury doctor will figure out the proper treatment according to an individual’s injuries, and each is uniquely designed. Proper treatment protocol requires re-evaluations and adjustment of the treatment plan according to how the individual is progressing.

Chiropractic Evaluation: Whiplash

The personal injury doctor or chiropractor will identify any areas of spinal injury, muscle strain, and joint movement. They may use a technique called motion and static palpation. Your chiropractor will feel for tenderness and make sure your spinal joints move.

They will examine how you walk and take note of your posture and spinal alignment. These details will help the chiropractor understand that your body’s mechanisms and spine work, assisting with the identification process.

Mechanism Of Injury: MRI Scan

personal injury doctor whiplash mri el paso tx

They may order an x-ray or MRI of your backbone to evaluate any changes which might have existed before your whiplash injury. Your neurological and own physical evaluation’s diagnostic pictures and results are compared to create the treatment plan.

Before – After X-Ray

personal injury doctor pre accident post accident el paso tx






Whiplash CT Scan

personal injury doctor whiplash ct scan el paso tx

Soon after whiplash occurs, the chiropractor will reduce neck inflammation using various therapy modalities (e.g., ultrasound). They may also use gentle stretching and manual treatment techniques (e.g., muscle energy therapy, extending).

A treatment plan depends on the seriousness of the whiplash. The most common technique is spinal manipulation. Methods utilized are:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment: By performing spinal manipulation via movements or thrusts, chiropractors can move the involved joint. This helps create flexibility, strength and promotes recovery.
  • Muscle Comfort and Muscle Stimulation: Using calm, gentle stretches to the affected muscles, tension can be relieved. These stretches can also be combined with ‘finger pressure techniques’ on certain pressure points to alleviate pain.
  • Exercises: A variety of stretches and exercises can help decrease the symptoms associated with whiplash and neck pain. Chiropractors can recommend several of these to patients to perform at home on their own. This provides the patient a bit more control in the healing procedure.

A personal injury chiropractor might recommend an ice pack on your neck or mild neck support to use for a period of time. The pain decreases, and as your neck becomes inflamed, your chiropractor will execute other methods or gentle spinal manipulation to restore normal motion.


The term “fracture” can be employed in medical scenarios that deal with a broken bone. This can vary from acute breaks to small fractures or anything that will impact the bone’s integrity and stability.

Bone fractures could result from numerous distinct situations. Women in particular with osteoporosis or other conditions, or older people, may lose strength in their bones, making them more fragile and vulnerable to breaks and cracks, even with minimal impact. As the bones have not fully grown, young children are also vulnerable to bone fractures, particularly because they frequently participate in activities that heighten the risk of injury.

However, work accidents, auto accidents, and home accidents can lead to bone fractures.

Clay Shoveler’s Fracture?

A clay shoveler’s fracture is an avulsion fracture of the spinous process. It happens with flexion of the head, reported with automobile accidents, work accidents, and sports injuries. It also occurs with repeated stress caused by pulling the trapezius and rhomboid muscles on the cervical and thoracic spinous processes.

Chiropractic: Clay Shoveler’s Fracture

personal injury doctor clay shoveler's fracture el paso tx

Chiropractors can help alleviate some of the long-term and immediate concerns associated with clay shoveler’s fractures. A chiropractor can help with compression techniques that are beneficial in maintaining the bone in place for healing. A chiropractor will educate a patient on various exercises and stretches to reduce complications and promote quicker recovery.


Personal Injury Doctor: Chiropractor


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If for some reason the attorneys on this site are unable to meet your particular legal need, please refer to the El Paso, TX Personal Injury Lawyers at HG.org, El Paso, TX Personal Injury Attorneys at Getlegal.com, and El Paso County Personal Injury Lawyers at Justia.com online legal directories.

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