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Morbidly Obese to Dropping 130 Lbs. Now a Personal Trainer

Katie Hug of El Paso began gaining weight after high school due the combination of her metabolism slowing down and taking prescription drugs for depression and anxiety.

I was put on different medicationsthatmade me feelmore sluggish, and then all I wanted to do was eat, Hug, now 34,tells us of the ordeal.

By 2012, Hug had reached 270 lbs. At her doctors office for a routine checkup, the Kuna, Idaho-based mom of three got a surprising wakeup call about how unhealthy she had become.

Morbidly Obese

My doctorlooked at me and said, You know youre morbidly obese, right?, she recalls. I knew I wasoverweight because I wasshopping at the plus-size store and things like that. But to have someone say that to me, to have another female look at me like, You need to do something other thansit home and eat all the time, I think thats what did it. I just got sick and tired of being fat and being overweight and being miserable in my own skin.

Taking Control Of Obesity

Hug began tracking her food intake and became more aware of how much sugar, fat and carbs she was consumingher diet at the time consisted of mostly soda, processed food, bread and pasta. But the biggest change in her lifestyle came from discovering her love of fitness.

[When I was heavier]I didnt find any joy in it, it wasnt fun for me, she says. I actually hated everything about it. My kids would go for a walk with my husband, and I would stay home. I didnt want any part of it.

Knowing that she needed to exercise to get healthy, Hug started with a 15-minute workout video at home, which she challenged herself to do every day for 30 days. When she finished that, she found herself looking for a new fitness challenge.

All of a sudden I wanted to walk, so Id walk around my block and Id be drenched in sweat, but Id go again and go again, and the distances would get longer, and eventually it turned into a walk-jog and kind of took off from there, she says.

Now Hugdoes cardio five days a week and strength training two to three days a week. Shes evenbecome anAmerican Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and teaches group exercise classes.

You start to feel that serotonin and dopamine and all that from exercise, and I didnt have that before, she says of learning to love working out. I used that as the outlet for stress, anxiety, depression.That made a huge difference.


Hug has dropped 130 lbs., and says the best part about losing weight has been the positiveeffect it has had on her family.


Life After Fat Is Easier

Everythings easier when youre taken care of when youre not taken care of, everything else falls apart, she says. I can go out and play with my kids now, and its not an issue. You can go do more things, you feel good, and when you feel good you want to participate more too. Overall, I just feel better and its reflected so awesomely on my family and my marriage. Its just been great.