Dr. Jimenez Functional Wellness Team. A key factor to spine or back pain conditions is staying healthy. Overall wellness involves a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, physical activity, restful sleep, and a healthy lifestyle. The term has been applied in many ways. But overall the definition is as follows. It is a conscious, self-directed, and evolving process of achieving full potential.

It is multidimensional, bringing together lifestyles both mental/spiritual and the environment in which one lives. It is positive and affirms that what we do is in fact correct. It is an active process where people become aware and make choices towards a more successful lifestyle. This includes how a person contributes to their environment/community. They aim to build healthier living spaces and social networks.

It helps in creating a person’s belief systems, values, and a positive world perspective. Along with this comes the benefits of regular exercise, a healthy diet, as well as personal self-care, and knowing when to seek medical attention. Dr. Jimenez’s message is to work towards being fit, being healthy, and staying aware through our collection of articles, blogs, and videos.

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