Functional Medicine Series

Dr. Jimenez Functional Medicine Series. Welcome to Taking Control of Your Healthcare. I will introduce you to a series of functional medicine articles where we will discuss various health and wellness topics and describe the best ways you can work with your doctor to receive the health care you deserve. Functional medicine is an individualized, science-based strategy that naturally intends to deal with the underlying causes of disease.

However, most individuals do not have access to a functional medicine doctor, and they are often given treatments for their symptoms instead of long-lasting solutions for their well-being. This functional medicine series aims to enable individuals to work together with their current healthcare professional or encourage them to seek a useful functional medicine doctor to appraise their particular genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle variables to leverage that information to guide a personalized treatment program.

The material in these articles was made available for educational and informational purposes. Always seek medical attention from a healthcare professional when making lifestyle modifications.