Mind Body and Spirit

Dr. Jimenez Mind Body and Spirit Chiropractic, Physical Therapy Team. The connection is a powerful thing. Understanding and tapping into its power are three phases of holistic healing. Indigenous peoples understand the concept of the mind and body as one. They also understand that a healthy mind is needed to create a healthy body. It is not only the body that needs healing, but sometimes the mind and spirit. The body may be sick, but the mind or spirit may be the culprit.

This understanding has also shaped modern-day mind-body medicine. The mind has two levels. They are personal and collective. An individual participates in both whether they know it or not. When this is the case, healing the mind brings healing to the body.

The personal level processes old thoughts and new back and forth like a zip line. Disciplining the mind is one of the most difficult but important things for their health and wellbeing. One must learn to keep that software on and in the present. Once this is achieved, the contribution to the collective mind will improve.

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