Studies On Screening Tests, Assessments & Examinations

Screening Tests El Paso, TX

Screening tests are typically the first assessment completed and are used to determine if further diagnostic testing might be needed. Because screening tests are the first step towards diagnosis, they are designed to be more likely to overestimate the true incidence of a disease.Β  designed to be different from diagnostic tests in that they might demonstrate more positive results than a diagnostic test. This can lead to both true positives as well as false positives. Once a screening test is found to be positive, a diagnostic test is then completed to confirm the diagnosis. Next week we will discuss the assessmentΒ of diagnostic tests.

Many screening tests are available for physicians to utilize in their practice. For some tests, there is quite a bit of research demonstrating the benefit of such tests on early diagnosis and treatment. The US Preventive Task Force has graded these tests for your benefit and listed this information on their website.Β  Dr. Jimenez presents the most updated export list for review.Β  If you have questions regarding the following test assessments, please feel free to call or speak to Dr. Jimenez personally.Β