Meet Your Clinical Team

Meet Dr. Alex Jimenez DC, MSACP, CCST

Clinical Pain Doctor & Injury & Trauma Specialist

Hello-Bienvenido, my name is Dr. Alex Jimenez, I am Chiropractic Doctor specializing in advanced pain elimination therapies. As your Doctor, I am very serious when it comes to you and your health.  We have compiled an amazing team of clinical trainers to guide you in your recovery. My primary goal is to bring you the best in El Paso’s clinical injury recovery options.  Below you will see one of 3 floors in our fitness area that you will use as you get care in our office.  You will also get a glimpse into the collaborative talent offered. There are many individuals with great talents here ready to assist you. You will never be left alone in your journey to recovery. We will take you literally by the hand and walk with you through your recovery if needed. We are a collective group of doctors and clinical staff ready to serve and help you. We will use all advanced procedures to safely assist you in your recovery. Our goal is not JUST to get you pain-free but to increase your functional abilities. It is my true heart and soul desire to treat every single patient as my mentors and teachers have taught and empowered me to. To honor God’s creations in you on every level.  That is what I will do. God Bless. Dr. A Jimenez

Become a patient today. Its easy! We proudly focus on total joint health, proper strength training, complete mobility fitness, and cardiovascular conditioning. We use Advanced Techniques, Agility Training, Cross-Fit type exercises, and the PUSH-as-Rx ®™ System to treat patients suffering from various injuries and health problems.  With our doctors, rehabilitation specialist and therapists at your side we focus on the exact treatment that is appropriate for your particular needs. We want to help you live a new and improved lifestyle. Our doctors and clinical staff have spent over combined 300+ years researching and testing methods with thousands of patients. Yes, that is of course AFTER, you add all our clinical years of experience.  We strive to create fitness and better the body through researched methods and total fitness programs. Our treatment methods are diverse, proven and use the body’s dynamic abilities to achieve tiered goals of improvement.  Our passion is to stop suffering due to pain and dysfunction.  Personal Text: 915-540-8444 

Meet Daniel Alvarado

PUSHasRx Owner/Director (Level 1 Clinical Trainer)

Daniel Alvarado is the owner and the top trainer at PUSHasRx® CrossFit Fitness Facility. Since becoming a Trainer Daniel has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his clients receive the most comprehensive and advanced training. Working directly with the Doctors, he develops and collaborates on care plans that are patient-specific.  No patient ever gets the same clinical protocol.  His expert clinical kinesiology experience spans over 2 decades.  He has trained injured patients and NCAA National Champion Athletes. His technical ability to create programs that are clinically sound and second to none. He too has used his physical therapy and recovery experience to take broken top tier athletes into strict recovery protocols assisting them to achieve highly competitive national championships.  He certainly will not admit it but, he is a top national champion trainer.  Daniel also develops youth programs that are sport-specific to aid young athletes to achieve great success.  His mastery of clinical recovery is applied to all patients and top tier athletes alike.  All patient programs are specifically designed with patient-focused recovery priorities.  He is happily married to beautiful Victoria Alvarado has one child. He enjoys strength training, movies, singing, conducting, writing poetry and being a CrossFit champion. Just a way cool dude. We think you will agree.

Meet Mike Contreras

PUSHasRx Trainer

Big Mike was born and raised in El Paso and is an excellent personal trainer and CrossFit coach. Mike works hand in hand with each patient’s clinical care plan in order to achieve optimal outcomes. A trusted clinical representative of the PUSHasRx System along with his advance protocols. Mike not only trains the injured and recovering.  Mike is a sincere human that has great talent for bringing out the best in every individual he works with. He will never admit it, but we will share with you a secret. He with his God-given talents trains the greatest athletes and champions in El Paso.  Many champions in our community know of his commitment.  As a youth, he also played football (wide receiver), basketball, and track at Bel Air High School. Educated in Clinical Human Kinesiology at UTEP and loves playing football and basketball with his little nephews in his free time. Mike has three sisters and one brother, most of whom live nearby in El Paso. When he’s not watching the Cowboys or Spurs play, he’s usually lifting, sleeping or watching movies. We are blessed to have this soul on our team.

Meet Ethan Padilla

PUSHasRx Trainer

Ethan was born and raised in El Paso and is one of our most outgoing and friendly coaches. Ethan earned his nickname “rampage Ethan” from his years at El Dorado High School, where he played inside linebacker. He has placed twice in the Strongman Competition and also recently competed in the Desert Games with his fellow PUSH Athletes as a team and placed 4th overall! Ethan is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology at UTEP. His focus on clients is obvious to all.  Ethan is able to manage very large groups of individuals like no other.  His awareness of the dangers while exercising is his greatest concern.  When he’s not coaching or studying for class, he likes to spend time with his family (who are here in El Paso) or with his Weimaraner puppy. Fun fact: Ethan loves any food with sprinkles (especially donuts with sprinkles) and is a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan.

Meet Rick Cano

PUSHasRx Trainer

Most early-rising PUSHasRx members know Rick well as a fantastic coach who focuses strongly on form and will always make you laugh. He was born and raised in El Paso and loves to train his athletes and coach CrossFit. Rick is a very diligent, kind and considerate trainer.  He is always mindful of client techniques and aware of client goals.  When he’s not coaching, Rick loves to work on cars, especially his ’69 Chevelle (his next car will hopefully be a ’69 Charger). He not only became a certified Automotive Mechanic at 17 but while working on his certification at EPCC, he won 1st place in a bench competition when he was 16 (approx. 56 reps at 155#). His favorite movements are clean & jerks and snatches. He loves Oreos (eats them every night), loves watching the CrossFit Games, and loves his three bulldogs. He spent one-year full-time personal training before he started coaching CrossFit two years ago. He is CrossFit Level 1 Certified and hopes to get his Level 2 Certification soon. Rick has competed in several competitions, including WOD for Toys in 2014, where his team placed 1st.

Meet Iylene Avalos

PUSHasRx Trainer

Iylene has been working with us for over 4 years. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and running. She has 2 dogs and loves movies. Iylene is extremely aware of body mechanics and mindfully watches rehabilitation movements.  She is always standing ready to assist and respond to client needs. Her commanding voice is always clear to all, no matter what floor you are on. Iylene is always ready and willing to answer any question you may have regarding fitness and recovery.  

Meet Andres

The Recovery Specialist

Andres has been at PUSHasRx for two years. He brought his company Recovery and became the official juicer. Andy will fix you right up.  Andres will make sure that your nutritional recovery programs fit within your standards.  Also, there is great care in making sure the nutritional requirement is clinically met.  Patients and high-performance athletes depend on high-performance nutrition.  Upon your completion of the physical medicine portion of therapy, you will be offered specialized organic recovery drinks and supplementation to help aid in your recovery.  You will be confident that from your pushing to recovery, you will be taken care of.  

Meet Lluvia

Intense Trainer

Lluvia started working out at PUSHasRx, she is now a trainer and a team member of the PUSH Crossfit Team. She is a high-performance athlete and works with advance performers to increase their game.  She is always close to the client ready to get the best out of them.  Care is always taken to prevent injury and perform movements in an exact manner.


Meet Truide!

Administrative Director

Truide has been the administrative director at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for over a decade. She loves to work out and help patients. Her main objective is to assist the doctors and patients when there are concerns regarding clinical or financial matters.  She has been able to assist in matters of great discretion protecting patients right on all levels.  Versed in HIPPA regulations, she stands ready to enforce the patient protection creed and patient bill of rights. Her main focus is always to protect the patient’s right to care.  She is fluently bilingual and able to communicate our patients’ intentions to all that need to know.      

Meet Jennifer Gameros

Billing Administrator

Jennifer has been at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for five years. Her focus is to provide top quality service. She executes and manages medical record requests.  With 20 years of executive billing and coding experience, she is the go-to person when there are questions requiring delicate answers. She enjoys watching movies and helping people.    


Meet Sandra

Head Physiological Therapist

Sandra has been working at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for over 5 years.  As the head Licensed Massage Therapist, she manages and directs critical aspects of clinical care.  The patients love her ability to make you laugh while removing those pesky trigger points causing pain.  She is able to relax and bring comfort to all she touches.  There just simply is no patient that escapes her talented touch.  Trained in advance myofascial techniques, she is an integral part of patient recovery.  You will never see anything but a kind smile and resolute persona ready to correct your condition and aid in your recovery.  She definitely enjoys helping people, has 1 dog and loves movies.  She loves flowers too.  

Meet Dennise Acosta

Head Office Manager

Dennise has been at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for four years.  Known as the master multi-tasker.  Dennise handles patient care from the moment you walk in the door.  She is akin to the air traffic controller. She will assist you in a matter requiring clinical preparation and effective inter-office communication. She unifies all departments and clinical providers making sure all important information reaches all clinicians in a timely manner.  She also loves to work out, stay in shape, watch movies and help people.    

Meet Alejandra

Billing Executive

Alejandra works in accounts & billing. She is the radar of the bunch.  Nothing appears to escape her mind.  Highly intelligent and appears not to need a computer for recall of facts. She provides information retrieval for patients and clinical staff.  She has been at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for three years and ready for any task at hand.  She performs interoffice communications with attorneys and the medical director of ancillary offices.  She loves her family and places know how to prioritize well.      

Meet Alexander

Collegiate Athletic Consultant & NCAA Wrestling Champion

Alexander Isaiah Jimenez leads the power and agility education programs for the high school athletes. While still studying for his medical degree he provides physical performance testing in order to collaborate with clinicians. He is gifted in creating physical performance programs no matter what the clinical presentation is.  As national fitness champion and collegiate wrestler, he too understands what performing at high levels entails.  He too has had to recover from debilitating injuries only to return better than before a win national titles.  He understand how the recovery process is different for clients, patients and extreme athletes. We are blessed to have his counsel.  

Meet Astrid


Astrid has been at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for about three years.  Astrid has taken her love for writing to a new level. She is a gifted and talented copywriter able to create amazing storylines.  She creates content for patient consumption. She is able to bring words to life in a way that perplexes even the elite authors of the day. She loves nutrition and the healing power of clean eating.  A naturalist at heart you will never see her eating processed foods that would be contra to clean living. She enjoys movies and creating storylines for Anime.  

Meet Adam

Media Design

Adam has been at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic for about a year. He enjoys designing and various forms of art. A storyteller by trade he can see things people don’t see until his masterpieces are revealed.  Adam is a director of many media using the top graphics, audio, and video media to tell the story of our patient.  Modest to the core, you would never know what he is about to create.  We are blessed to have his talents telling the world about Chiropractic using any and all media available.