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Lena Dunham’s Trainer Tracy Anderson Says She Wanted To Feel Better & Not Make Her Body Look Different

This article originally appeared on People.com.

When it comes to telling the truth about health, trainer and fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson doesnt have much faith in Hollywood. But there are a few celebrities she does have faith in, and one of them is Lena Dunham.

Thats what I love about her because she speaks straight and speaks her mind and she puts it out there, Anderson told PEOPLE at the Breast Cancer Research Foundations Hot Pink Party in New York City on Friday. Shes telling the truth, and no one tells the truth.

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Anderson is referring to the reason behind Dunhams recent interest in fitness. She had significant health issues, Anderson confirmed, referencing the actress struggles with endometriosis and OCD. She was open and transparent about her health issues, but our convoluted f-ed up celebrity culture was like, What diet is Lena doing? Lena lost weight, and Lena was like, I was freaking sick! Like, its just crazy, Anderson said. And by the way, I think shes making that statement.

Dunham kicked up her fitness in the last few years, after she learned that working out helps her manage her anxiety, and started doing yoga and taking classes with Tracy Anderson.

She didnt come to me to make her body look different, she came to me to feel better, Anderson explained. And I think that shes our most important influencer of our time. She came to me and when she was so vocal about how my program helped her with her OCD for me, when people come to me from the vanity thread, I know that they have a lot of balance work to do in their bodies. So when somebody comes to me with, My health matters first, I just want to feel good in my skin, I want to be healthy, thats where it needs to come from. Because theres not one specific definition of beauty and we really have to move the needle in the other direction for that.

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Anderson, who also recently wrote a book aimed at teens, thinks that someone like Lena, who is beautiful and articulate and smart and heartful, shes someone that can help us do that. And I think shes doing it, a damn good job of it.


In honor of Dunhams 31st birthday on Saturday, Anderson shared her love for the writer and actress on Instagram. Happy Birthday to the most important influencer of our time!!! Trust me ladies in 10 years you will not have enough ways to say thank you in your vocabulary for the roadblocks this incredible woman will have unblocked for us. I stand beside you in all of your efforts my darling! I hope you relax your advocating voice today and @jackantonoff makes you pancakes in bed! Love you forever and always!

Dunham isnt the only celebrity Anderson admires. She has a soft spot for Jennifer Lopez, which is why she trained her last week even though she isnt technically available for hire for personal training anymore. And of course, she loves Gwyneth Paltrow, who is her business partner. But Anderson explains that the reason she admires the two stars and continues to work with them because of the way they approach fitness.


My biggest complaint [when training celebrities] was always, they needed to be more like Jennifer Lopez, where its like, No no no, I work out always, Im smart about how I work out. I want to be comfortable and healthy in my own skin. And its not this, Can you please get me ready for this sex scene I have to do in two weeks? or I have to shoot a video in two weeks and Im just like, thats not the mentality, she said. Anderson revealed that it is extremely common for celebrities to contact her for reasons like that 911s, as she calls them. And then to see those kinds of people go out and be on the cover of a wellness magazine, especially as much as I know about them, Im like, Oh gosh, wow, thats shocking.

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So Anderson put her foot down. I dont work with the 911. Ill work with the 911 if the 911 comes in and is like, Im committing to thats how Gwyneth and I started, she recalled. Gwyneth was like, I have a 911, I cant get my baby weight off after Moses, Ive gotta film something. But she was like, I will do everything that you say and I am in it, and I am a really good student. And she was willing to take all the steps to really actually invest in what I do, Andersonsaid.

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