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Dr. Jimenez UTEP Athletics UTEP (Local) RSS. The University of Texas at El Paso is a recognized collegiate sports program distinguished by academic excellence, premier athletic teams, and strong moral principles. In addition, the athletics program will add value and advantage to the university through the cultivation of relationships. Through these sports stories, Dr. Jimenez’s goal is to get young kids interested in sports, not only to play but to understand the value of exercise, training, and movement.

UTEP (Local) RSS. These are essential for a healthy, productive life. Our training programs are designed for athletes that look to gain a competitive edge in their sport.  We provide sport-specific services to help increase an athlete’s performance through mobility, strength, and endurance. Occasionally, however, the excess workouts can lead many to suffer injuries or develop underlying conditions.

Dr. Alex Jimenez’s chronicle of articles for athletes displays in detail the many forms of complications affecting these professionals while focusing on the possible solutions and treatments to follow to achieve athlete’s overall well-being.

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