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Tennis Elbow - El Paso Chiropractor

As an athlete, sport-related injuries are known to be more common and frequent if the individual doesnt follow the appropriate measures to prevent injury. But, with the proper knowledge and skills, avoiding an injury as an athlete can be easily achieved, especially from an injury caused by overuse.

Tennis Elbow: Sport-related Injury

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a condition where the lateral area of the elbow becomes inflamed and swollen, causing stiffness and pain. This type of injury most often occurs with sports involving a constant overuse of the wrist, forearm and arm, such as tennis, badminton, and golf. The repetitive movements of the arms during physical activities can over time cause stress and irritation on the muscles surrounding the elbow, which in turn results in small tears of the tendons. Other symptoms for tennis elbow include soreness and tenderness to the touch, as well as limited flexibility or restricted mobility of the arm.

If youve experienced damage to the muscles and tendons of the elbow, there are various treatment options to follow depending on the level of the injury. According to Dr. Alex Jimenez, giving as much rest as possible to injured tissue can greatly speed up the healing process. Ice therapy is also recommended for an injury like tennis elbow, as applying cold to the inflamed muscles can reduce the swelling and relieve the pain and discomfort.

Physical therapy along with stretches and exercises designed for each grade of injury for tennis elbow are common treatment options for elbow injury. By using manual therapy, a specialist will work by massaging the affected area to increase blood circulation in order to quicken the bodys natural healing capacity while the stretches and exercises will function to add mobility and increase flexibility to the injured upper extremity.

By Dr. Alex Jimenez