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Sciatica is a common term that it used to describe the pain that occurs in the legs and for spinal nerve issues. Those who believe that sciatica is caused by an injury are somewhat wrong because an injury is just one of the causes, and there are other causes as well, which could give rise to the problem of sciatica.

Before we go into the details of the sciatic nerve treatment, let us first discuss sciatica, as to what it is actually.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a general term that is used to describe the pain that is going down the leg and is also related to a nerve. But, there is a catch; the pain is not particularly coming from the sciatic nerve, but a group of nerves that are present in the lower back. It is that group of nerves, which make up the sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve is in the lumbar portion of the spine, and to be more precise, it is the lower spine that has this nerve. Some people have it even below the lumbar. Many doctors blame prolonged sitting as the main reason for sciatica because sitting for longer periods weakens the disc and sometimes, the disc bulges out as well.

The term of disc herniation is familiar to those who sit for the long duration of time. The pain starts in the lower back and goes down on the thigh and back of the leg. The difference between a normal back pain and sciatica is that sciatica radiates down into the thigh and leg whereas back pain stays in a confined area.

A person suffering from sciatica is going to feel the pain in the buttocks, and sometimes, the pain will radiate down into the ankle. People are so ignorant about their ankle pain that they think as if they have twisted their ankle. But, in reality, the source of pain is their lower back.

Sciatica doesnt occur due to an acute injury. It could be a sudden injury resulting in sciatica. This problem can occur to people of all age groups. But, people who sit for longer periods are the ones who suffer the most in the hands of sciatica. A human body is not designed to sit for hours and hours. Some movement needs to be made in order to keep the body in an optimum position.

If people are able to go through a routine of doing physical activities and a dozen of exercises, then the chances of having issues like sciatica become extremely low. If you are suffering from sciatica and want to get rid of it at the earliest, then you need to get in touch with Back Solutions Clinic. They are deeply familiar with the issue that we have discussed today, i.e., sciatica. So, taking their help will be the best thing that you can do in the direction of getting better again.