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Osgood-Schlatter Disease (Knee Pain)

Osgood-Schlatter disease is a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. It is characterized as an inflammation of the patellar tendon, the area just below the knee where the tendon from the kneecap attaches to the shinbone or tibia.

Osgood-Schlatter disease most frequently occurs during growth spurts since the bones, muscles, tendons, and other structures of the body are changing quickly. Also, participating in physical activity can add stress on the bones and muscles and therefore, children who participate in physical activity, especially running or jumping sports, are usually at a higher risk of developing this condition.

In the majority of Osgood-Schlatter disease cases though, simple measures such as plenty of rest, over-the-counter medication, and stretches and exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of the condition and restore the affected individual’s regular lifestyle.

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As children and adolescents grow, the structures of the body such as the bones, muscles, tendons, and other tissues begin to grow rapidly. Osgood-Schlatter disease is a condition caused when the patellar tendon becomes inflamed, most commonly occurring during growth spurts in children and adolescents. For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at (915) 850-0900.