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Muscle Strength Chiropractic Fitness and Optimal Health

Muscle strength can mean different things to different people. But in general, the body’s muscles need to be strong and agile enough to endure work, sports, and regular physical daily activities. Exercise and chiropractic fitness complement each other with strong evidence supporting exercise as being as effective as other non-surgical treatments for low back pain.

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A chiropractic fitness treatment program is highly effective for increasing core muscle strength and reducing acute lower back pain. This combined with light aerobic exercise helps with digestion, keeps the muscles toned and promotes better circulation. An acute and chronic low back pain treatment/management plan could include:

  • Chiropractic manipulation/balancing
  • Massage therapy to keep muscles loose and circulation moving
  • Core strengthening with exercise regimen – Example could be walking around the neighborhood, core strengthening, yoga, and more.
  • Stretching regimen
  • Injury prevention guidelines
  • Health coaching that includes diet, supplements, weight-loss, stress management, and more.

Individual’s experiencing chronic soreness and/or fatigue could be presenting something more serious. There are several factors that measure the strength of the muscles other than just physical force.

Factors that Affect Strength

There are different ways to measure muscle strength. There are variables like endurance, muscle coordination, and maximum force are some of the ways to assess the health and strength of the muscles. Factors that can influence strength include:

  • Functional neural signal sending and the response of the muscle/s
  • The number and size of the muscle cells
  • The ability of the muscle/s to generate appropriate force
  • The way the spinal cord responds to stimulation
  • Being able to sense the joints moving in space
  • The ability of the nervous system to coordinate proper movement and generate muscle force

Spinal Alignment

Muscle strength involves the nervous system. Muscle health is important, but the input and output of each muscle transmitting from the nervous system is the control center for proper movement and strength. When the connection is healthy and strong, the nervous system and brain can effectively generate movement and regulate the right amount of muscle strength.

When increasing strength, the focus should be on proper nerve circulation, which starts with spinal alignment. It enhances the effectiveness of the strength training. Even small changes/disruptions can lead to the spine shifting out of alignment. These changes over time begin to affect the signals being sent between the spinal cord, brain, and muscles.

Once alignment is addressed, then the body can heal and strengthen itself naturally and the exercise regimen can be reevaluated by the chiropractor. It is important for a chiropractor to reevaluate a patient’s exercise program following the initial therapy to determine the effectiveness. Measuring spinal range of motion and the effectiveness of the exercises is one way to make a determination. Then the exercise regimen could be advanced or intensified for optimal health. Options can include:

  • Increasing the intensity of the workout
  • Exercising more
  • Lifting heavier
  • Increasing reps
  • Boosting endurance

With time, there should be less fatigue and more energy for daily physical tasks.

11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 128 Muscle Strength Chiropractic Fitness and Optimal Health

Proper spine care is handled best through chiropractors that specialize in sports physical fitness therapy/rehabilitation and preventive care. They follow specific protocols that focuses on the root cause of spinal misalignment. The key factor is to get adjusted, get moving, and improve body health.

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