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Laser Spine Surgery Fundamentals & Facts

After experiencing symptoms of back pain and discomfort, deciding on the best treatment plan according to the individuals diagnosis is essential towards restoring their original health. As the affected person, educating yourself on the available medical procedures and therapies for treating back pain can help ensure the healing process is smooth and pleasant.

When the symptoms of back pain become more constant and the individual is diagnosed with a specific injury or condition, other forms of treatment can be used to improve their wellbeing, however, as with many other types of procedures, these can have risks and benefits alike.

Laser spine surgery is often described as a safe and effective healing method for spine issues but there are many procedures that laser spine surgery cant be utilized for. In fact, laser spine surgery is only adequate for a slim amount of cases.

Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery

Individuals diagnosed with minor spine complications can benefit from laser spine surgery. For instance, it is generally used to shrink damaged intervertebral discs, although, the severity of the damage may need to be considered first. Laser spine surgery cant be utilized to treat serious spinal condition, such as major disc herniations and/or circumstances where a nerve is severely compressed. In case youre informed this medical procedure can benefit a serious condition, make sure to get a second opinion on the matter.

Risks of Laser Spine Surgery

If the individual has decided to undergo laser spine surgery, its important for them to first be aware of the risks behind this treatment method. Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive surgery which utilizes a laser to burn tissue instead of using the standard tissue cutting tools otherwise used in regular surgical procedures.

While the healthcare professionals performing the laser spine surgery are qualified and experienced to proceed with the method, the laser is not always as accurate as traditional tools. Standard instruments can be navigated in angles and corners, they dont produce heat and they have a fixed length whilst lasers are straight, their produced heat can damage nearby nerves as well as anatomical structures which can be found below the necessary depth if these are held in one area for too long. In addition, whereas in traditional minimally invasive surgery the nerve is directly seen and protected, in laser surgery the nerve is not seen or protected during the procedure.

Before following through with laser spine surgery, definitely make sure youve been properly diagnosed by a healthcare professional for your specific type of back pain and symptoms. Not everyone is eligible to receive laser spine surgery as it generally can only help alleviate symptoms caused by minor injuries or conditions. Foremost, make sure to visit your primary healthcare provider to learn and understand the benefits and risks of the procedure for your particular case. Its best to consider all forms of treatment prior to making a decision. You can then work with your specialist to discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Pros and Cons of Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is not the solution to all spinal complications but for those whom the surgical procedure is the best treatment option for their back pain it can involve various pros and cons which are essential to be aware of. As an individual whos considering laser spine surgery, you deserve to know the favorable and unfavorable factors behind this method of treatment before going forward with it.

Like most minimally invasive procedures, laser spine surgery does allow for a faster recovery, often allowing patients to go home the same day their procedure was performed. As with other modern minimally invasive procedures, it can also result in less scarring. When in the right hands and when its used for the appropriate minor spinal complication, laser spine surgery can be very effective. Nonetheless, laser spine surgery cannot be used to treat major spinal complications, as a matter of fact, the procedure isnt ideal for most conditions. In many instances, the laser scalpel can be less effective and more risky than the traditional tools. For those cases, alternate treatments may be best.

If laser spine surgery is for you, then you may want to make sure the procedure is performed by a qualified laser spine surgeon. Because its not considered a unique surgical method, rather, its just the use of a unique tool to perform an existing procedure, healthcare professionals who do not have the same level of spine knowledge as a spinal surgeon to perform laser spine surgery can practice the procedure, which can increase the risk of damage to nearby structures, ultimately reducing its effectiveness. In conclusion, its fundamental to have the surgical procedure be performed by a qualified laser spine surgeon, to best ensure the individual benefits from the medical method and avoids the above mentioned risks.

When looking for additional treatment options for back pain after receiving previous unsuccessful treatments, surgical options such as laser spine surgery and/or spine surgery can be utilized effectively to achieve recovery from back complications caused by injury or an aggravated condition.

Though most back complications can be corrected through the use of alternative treatment techniques and methods, such as chiropractic adjustments, in instances requiring surgical intervention, a qualified and experienced healthcare professional can refer a patient to a spine surgeon who can perform the above procedures. Dr. Dean Smith is a local, highly regarded orthopedic surgeon who has effectively treated numerous patients.

Dr. Dean Smiths practice aims to provide the best possible care to his patients, offering and providing them with minimal recovery times so that they may live happily and free of back pain and discomfort.

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Back pain affects a majority of the population at least once in their lifetime. While most issues will resolve on their own, some instances of back complications can result in constant symptoms of discomfort. There are various treatment options available to relieve back pain, including laser spine surgery, a minimally invasive procedure with various benefits for individuals with minor back problems.

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