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There are multiple health conditions and disorders that have been connected to gluten-related intolerances. Gluten-related intolerances such as gluten sensitivity or celiac disease need to be addressed as undiagnosed celiac disease has been associated with a nearly 4-fold increase risk of death.

The average human consumes multiple tons of food throughout their lifetime, leaving a lot of heavy lifting up to the small intestine and gastrointestinal tract. Every molecule of food that is digested is flagged as friendly or unfriendly by the immune system. The mislabeling of these molecules leads to autoimmune diseases, infections, and other toxic results. Early childhood exposure to bacterial antigens will help to produce immunoregulatory cytokines, reducing the risk of autoimmune disease later on.

Potential Reasons For Increased Gluten Related Disorders

  1. The introduction of new antigenic material through genetically modified foods. For instance, wheat has been genetically modified and crossed with other contaminants. For adults, they did not eat this type of wheat as children, leaving them without the immunoregulatory cytokines. The wheat they eat now causes reactions and is flagged in the body as unfriendly because the body does not identify the wheat that has been modified.
  2. The breakdown of Immune Tolerance. As humans, the breakdown of immune tolerance is normal, but the extent of breakdown is what is key. Factors that increase immune tolerance breakdown include stress, environmental factors, and physical factors.
  3. The decrease of gut enzymes and the build-up of harmful bacteria. The average healthy gut has more bacteria in it than the entire body has cells. When the bacteria in the gut become imbalanced, there are clinical studies showing that overall health declines.
  4. Increased intestinal permeability
  5. Bad nutrition preventing proper T-reg function. The main function of T-Reg cells is to calm the immune system. A lack of essential vitamins and minerals cause T-reg cells to deplete. If there are fewer T-reg cells throughout the body, naturally inflammation will increase.

Symptoms Associated with Gluten Disorders

Gluten disorders show their presence in symptoms such as weight loss, bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain, iron deficiencies, skin disorders such as rashes, has an association with type 1 diabetes and results in abnormal liver function tests.

For patients who are experiencing unexplained autoimmunity, unexplained neurological problems, uncomfortable GI symptoms, skin rashes, and unexplained depression, practitioners should think of gluten. Many gluten tests are searching for a reaction to gliadin, when in fact only half the people with a gluten intolerance test positive for this specific peptide.

In addition to having a gluten reactivity test performed, patients will also benefit from a cross creativity test. This will reveal other food sensitivities the patient has. Many patients who react to one lectin, react to others.

General Principals Of Treatment

After you are under the care of a knowledgeable healthcare professional and proper lab work has been assessed, personalized treatment plans may begin. For individuals who suffer from gluten disorders, the treatment plan is comprised of complete removal of gluten, healing the gut for optimal digestion, detecting immune disorders, and the use of all-natural supplemental therapies.

Addressing gluten disorders is highly recommended but yet, highly overlooked. Even though a test may show a negative marker for celiac, gluten sensitivity may still be present and leading to further underlying conditions and symptoms. -Kenna Vaughn, Senior Health Coach



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