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Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Difficulty walking

It takes at least 12 weeks for a baby to learn the principles of walking. And it takes much more time to learn how to run and walk properly. Walking is quite complex and requires great balance, the ability to understand where your joints are in space, a concept known as proprioception, the capability to understand how your joints are shifting, a concept known as kinesthesia, and a good range movement as well as strength and flexibility.

As we age, with declining activity or after an injury, walking can become difficult. Our walking routine can change with previous injuries or pain at the knee, leaving a limp or worse, resulting in back pain. Changes in posture may be responsible for changes in walking patterns.

When walking patterns are altered, abnormal stresses with everyday activities can be transmitted to regions they should not. For instance, you begin to limp, and if you have knee pain, your backbone and the hips now have to take the weight. This may cause malfunction and pain in these areas. The good thing is that if you have trouble walking, you can be assisted. A doctor of chiropractic can help you recover your freedom of movement if you are having difficulty walking.

How Chiropractic Helps

One of the main specialties of chiropractic care is helping people to walk normally. This takes a comprehensive evaluation of your selection of motion, strength, walking balance, patterns, and coordination. We could paint a picture of your walking if it’s not as it ought to be, by discovering in what area you have difficulties.

We then ultimately arrange a treatment program to address your range of movement, pain, coordination, balance, and strength. The result is regaining the ability to walk without assisting equipment, such as a cane or walker. Contact us today to discover how we can help you walk again!

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