Spinal Decompression

Dr. Alex Jmenez, Chiropractor Discusses: Spinal Decompression Therapies, Protocols, Rehabilitation and Advance Treatments Care Plans

We offer conservative care for degenerative spinal conditions at our offices, including several treatment modalities. Thus, the traction distinguishes as it can elicit the body’s protective proprioceptive response to distraction, reducing intradiscal pressure and minimizing symptoms secondary to disc herniation and axial pain.

Our integrative treatments aim to determine the clinical effects of a short treatment course of motorized axial spinal decompression for patients with pain and physical impairment caused by either lumbar or cervical degenerative disc pathology with no immediate surgical indication.

Conservative care for mid to long-term degenerative spinal conditions with axial and irradiated pain generally includes pharmacological treatment, physical rehabilitation, or injections. Mechanical traction is an old treatment modality, which has been decreased in use facing other modern technologies or utilized in combination with other treatment modalities, such as manual therapy, exercises, heat, or electrotherapy. We, too, offer advanced spinal treatment workshops and boot camps to help educate patients on the dynamics of spinal hygiene.

Our patients get treated for chronic radicular axial spinal pain. This is a referred pain in the spinal axial skeleton and is considered a syndrome with both nociceptive and neuropathic pain components. Patients report improvement in symptoms with a reduction of the axial load in the spine.

Previous studies have shown a decrease of pressure in the intervertebral disc after traction, unloading of the spinal structure, and alleviating the inflammatory reaction of the nerve roots. Here, we present our patients’ literature and scientific background information to make educated decisions about the advanced spinal decompression protocols.

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