Food Allergies, Inflammation, & MET Therapy

Introduction Around the world, many individuals will have some reaction to the foods they consume. This type of reaction can… Read More

April 27, 2023

Breathing and Posture: EP’s Chiropractic Team

Breathing nourishes the whole body and regulates important functions like heart rate and blood pressure. It also reinforces proper body… Read More

April 25, 2023

Why The Spine Goes Out of Alignment: EP Chiropractic Clinic

As humans, there are variety of stressors experienced daily. Stress collects in various body areas, most commonly the upper… Read More

April 24, 2023

Muscle Inflammation Relieved By The MET Technique

Introduction When the body sustains an injury or virus, the immune system springs into action by sending out cytokines to the… Read More

April 24, 2023

Body Misalignment Digestive Problems: EP Chiropractic Clinic

Body misalignment can cause various symptoms to be experienced, ranging from headaches, neck and back pain, sore feet, discomfort in… Read More

April 18, 2023

Softball – Baseball Injuries: EP’s Chiropractic Team

Softball and baseball require running, jumping, throwing, and swinging movements. Even for the fittest athletes and weekend warriors, the body… Read More

April 17, 2023

Intercostal Muscle Strain: EP’s Chiropractic Injury Team

Intercostal muscles are the muscles within the rib cage, commonly called the intercostals, which connect the ribs and make up… Read More

April 14, 2023

Muscle Knots – Trigger Points: EP’s Chiropractic Team

Muscle knots or trigger points are tissues/segments of muscle fibers stuck in contracted state that can ball up or… Read More

April 13, 2023

High Hamstring Tendinopathy: EP’s Chiropractic Team

The hamstring muscles attach, through tendon called the proximal hamstring tendon, to the ischial tuberosity, the bones used to… Read More

April 12, 2023

Manual Treatment For Postural Muscles Using MET

Introduction When it comes to the body, the lower portion has three compartments of muscles that work together to provide stability and… Read More

April 6, 2023

Pregnancy Posture Health: EP’s Chiropractic Functional Team

Healthy posture and movement are essential for everyone, but especially for mothers-to-be. Practicing healthy posture is one of the most… Read More

April 5, 2023

Variations Of The MET Technique For Muscle Pain

Introduction The various muscle groups in the body allow the host to move around and function through many actions without… Read More

April 5, 2023

Shoulder Nerve Pain: EP’s Functional Chiropractic Clinic

An acute injury or changes to the upper body over time can cause compressed/pinched nerve in the shoulder. A… Read More

April 4, 2023

Vision Problems Could Be Cause of Neck Pain and Headaches

Shoulder and neck discomfort, pain, and headaches could be caused by vision problems and eye strain that require corrective glasses,… Read More

April 3, 2023

Sleep Affects Gut Health: EP’s Functional Chiropractic Clinic

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa are the microorganisms that naturally live in the digestive tract. Sleep affects gut health and… Read More

March 30, 2023

Groin Strain & The MET Technique

Introduction The muscles surrounding the hips in the lower extremities provide stability to the lumbar spine and pelvis while allowing mobility, flexibility,… Read More

March 30, 2023

Peroneal Nerve Injury: EP’s Chiropractic Team

A peroneal nerve injury/peroneal neuropathy can be caused by direct trauma to the outer knee with symptoms and sensations of… Read More

March 29, 2023

Increased Temperature and Circulation: EP’s Chiropractic Team

Massage is part of integrative medicine and can be used for various medical conditions. In massage therapy, therapist rubs… Read More

March 28, 2023

Spring Allergy Tips: EP’s Chiropractic Team

Spring allergies are reactions by an individual's immune system to flowering buds, blooming trees, pet dander, weeds, etc. When coming… Read More

March 27, 2023