Gut and Intestinal Health

Dr. Jimenez Gut and Intestinal Health Functional Medicine Team. The health of an individual’s gut determines what nutrients are absorbed along with what toxins, allergens, and microbes are kept out. It is directly linked to the health of the whole body. Intestinal health could be defined as optimal digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food.  But this is a job that depends on many other factors. More than 100 million Americans have digestive problems. Two of the top-selling drugs in America are for digestive problems, and they run in the billions. There are more than 200 over-the-counter (OTC) remedies for digestive disorders. And these can and do create additional digestive problems.

If an individual’s digestion is not working properly, the first thing is to understand what is sending the gut out-of-balance in the first place.

  • A low-fiber, high-sugar, processed, nutrient-poor, high-calorie diet causes all the wrong bacteria and yeast to grow in the gut and damages the delicate ecosystem in your intestines.
  • Overuse of medications that damage the gut or block normal digestive function, i.e., acid blockers (Prilosec, Nexium, etc.), anti-inflammatory medication (aspirin, Advil, and Aleve), antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.
  • Undetected gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or low-grade food allergies to foods such as dairy, eggs, or corn.
  • Chronic low-grade infections or gut imbalances with overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, yeast overgrowth, parasites.
  • Toxins like mercury and mold toxins damage the gut.
  • Lack of adequate digestive enzyme function from acid-blocking medications or zinc deficiency.
  • Stress can alter the gut’s nervous system, cause a leaky gut, and change the normal bacteria.

Visits for intestinal disorders are among the most common trips to primary care doctors. Most, which also includes most doctors, do not recognize or know that digestive problems wreak havoc in the entire body. This leads to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, rashes, acne, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism, dementia, cancer, and more.

Having proper gut and intestinal health is absolutely central to your health. It is connected to everything that happens in the body.

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